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Monk Fruit: A Healthy Alternative to Sugar

In the world of natural sweeteners, one fruit stands out for its remarkable sweetness without the drawbacks of sugar: the monk fruit. Also known as luo han guo, this small, […]

raw vegan Anzac cookie recipe

only raw vegan Anzac recipe you need right here 😉 Even though the story behind these cookies are pretty vague, they have become part of tradition. Golden syrup is traditionally […]

raw vegan black sesame ice cream

  I have posted a few ice-cream recipes already. lychee ice cream float recipe lavender and blueberry ice cream recipe maca, avocado and blue majik ice cream recipe rose and […]

raw vegan chocolate covered mulberries

RAW VEGAN CHOCOLATE COVERED MULBERRIES oh my goodness….. Do i need to say more? Well one thing you need to know before you make these is that they are ADDICTIVE!!!! […]

how to make your own amazake

amazake is a nonalcoholic fermented food that is made with rice and starter called koji. After fermented for 6-8 hours it transforms cooked rice into intensely sweet paste. it contains […]