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Discover what you need

The use of tonic herbs and superfoods can help you achieve optimal health, well-being, happiness, success, and longevity.

We also understand it may be a lot to navigate. Achieving these big goals requires a mix of science, art, experience, willpower, and wisdom.

Breaking down those major objectives into smaller health topics can make it a lot easier to tackle and find exactly what you’re in need of.

Our aim is to assist you in creating a wonderful herbal and superfood plan to support your most significant aspirations and that aligns with your current and long-term and immediate desires, based on your strengths and weaknesses. We want you to be in excellent health, physically, emotionally and spiritually so that you can fully explore and experience the potentials that we all possess in this life.


Adaptogenic stress support 

Adrenal fatigue

Ageing – coming soon



Athletic performance


Brain/ Mind support

Cleansing / Detox

Digestive support

Menopause Transition

Menstrual Imbalance – coming soon

Postpartum care


Sexual Health

Weight management 

SEASONAL SUPPORT – coming soon

Kidneys – winter

Liver – spring

Heart – Summer

Spleen – late summer 

Lungs – Autumn

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