About Yoko

I don’t have a title

i am just me who are on this journey, just like you. 

My health and wellness journey started when I was pregnant with my daughter. What I did not want for her was lifeless and denatured food that may be convenient but full of preservatives and chemicals. I studied macrobiotic at Kushi Institute of Japan, then Holistic nutrition, which opened the door to raw and living food cuisine.  I started to understand the importance of nutrition deeper when I became “unwell”. Realising that I might not see her grow up I needed make a drastic change.  Refined foods prevent us from keeping vital body and mind. What we need is high quality whole and intact foods that can clean, build or maintain us.  It makes sense that by eating foods created by nature helps us to harmonise with natural rhythms. Wholesome foods nourish your body as oppose to starving it with empty calories from factory made foods. Truly satisfying the body will create beautiful skin, shiny hair and more energy, and often heals itself in the most amazing way. I decided to go against the mainstream ideas of “curing”. I wanted to expand my knowledge in all these natural healing, including tonic and medicinal herbs, traditional Chinese medicine, energy healing and other cutting edge longevity protocols to let the body heal itself.

But it is not enough.

I always had my way of dealing with things. Burring the feeling of shame, guilt and self doubt (which are all such low vibrational energy) was exactly that. Now I can look at the past experiences and behaviours and connect them with the reasons for these physical symptoms I had created in me. Realising that connection was the first step towards my true healing. After a process of forgiving, surrendering and nurturing the past and myself as a child and young woman I have started to relearn to love myself and appreciate my real soul – the source. I can now honestly look back and be grateful for all these events that have happened. Because of those I am where I am now and found what is real.

Shoku Iku is one of my places, where I find the inspiration to keep connecting with the source, abundant love we all have to give and share, and graciously receive with gratitude.

I am not here to serve you or tell you what to do. I am here to share what I know and love I have for you through a virtual and personal connection and through our meals.  I still have a lot to discover and strip off unnecessary fear I have built around me.  But I know this. The feeling of peace, joy and love within me. That is all I need, that is what I am here for and that is what I am.

I am so honoured to have your presence here with me. Ready to be in tune with your body mind and soul?

Join us!

with love,
yoko xxx

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If you are interested in having Yoko speak at your event, run workshops or contribute /  interview for your website please email shokuiku.life@gmail.com


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