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how to make your own amazake

amazake is a nonalcoholic fermented food that is made with rice and starter called koji. After fermented for 6-8 hours it transforms cooked rice into intensely sweet paste.

it contains no gluten, dairy or any added sweetener.

You can use this as a sweetener or dilute with hot water to make a traditional drink.

Ginger is the common spice added to amazake drink. Here I made side mix with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Koji is an amazing starter. not only used for amazake miso, tamari, soy sauce, shio koji are all made using koji.

now I have found where you can get your own Koji in melbourne, Australia. (though they have not released it just yet (oct 2015) hopefully I can give you the link soonish!


Amazake ingredients

koji 250g

rice 225g


spice mix

1 tsp nutmeg

2tsp cinnamon

2tsp ginger

use 1/2 tsp- 1 tsp per drink

top with cracked black pepper


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