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raw vegan Anzac cookie recipe

only raw vegan Anzac recipe you need right here 😉

Even though the story behind these cookies are pretty vague, they have become part of tradition. Golden syrup is traditionally used to sweeten these cookies. Golden syrup is basically refined sugar, delivering empty calories.

Oats are somewhat controversial as many grain free, gluten free people avoid them. Do try to get gluten free oats (many celiacs can tolerate oats as long as they are processed in gluten free facilities) and make your own flour with sprouted oat grouts. You can also get organic, gluten free, and sprouted flour online. If you are ok with cooked oats, easiest way to make your oat flour is to ground rolled oats into four.

here is a much healthier version of these Anzac cookies!


1 cup oat flour(sprouted if possible)

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1/2 cup activated almond

1/3 cup your preferred sugar (I used lakanto)

1 tbs coconut oil, softened

enough water

extra rolled oats for decoration (0ptional)


process the mixture and form shape of cookies

dehydrated for 3-4 hours

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