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raw vegan black sesame ice cream


raw vegan ice cream recipe

I have posted a few ice-cream recipes already.

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I just can’t get enough :-0

Now that dairy or refined sugar are not my favourite things to consume I tend to make my own these days.

This time I am using one of my favourite ingredients. Tahini! Tahini is sesame paste that add ice-cream even creamier texture. You can certainly use light colour tahini but I used black tahini.

I wanted to make this ice-cream sugar free. Luo han guo is also called monk fruit. It has a zero glycemic index, contains no calories and is suitable for diabetics. The sweetness comes from mogrosides which make up approx 1% of the fruit by weight. Unlike stevia which sometimes have a distinct after taste luo han guo is quite mild. You only need small amount to sweeten your recipe.

enjoy 🙂


1 cup plant based milk of your choice (I used sprouted oats)

1 cup coconut meat

1/4 cup cashews, soaked, rinsed

two pinches of salt

2 tsp luo han guo 7 percent 

2 tbsp tahini paste

1/4 cup coconut oil, softened

Blend all but coconut oil in a blender till smooth.

Add the oil and blend further

pour into an ice-cream maker and follow the instruction


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