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what’s wrong with wellness industry

Wellness sector is apprently $3.7 trillion global industry. More people are getting used to the idea of paying $200 for yoga pants or spending $1000 for a high speed blender. […]

How it all started…

HOW IT ALL STARTED…. I have posted many recipes in this section because I think it is what you like to see and I love the opportunity to create something […]

What do I take on holiday to supplement?

I am writing this post in Hawaii at the moment. Yep. I’m on a well deserved holidays for nearly three weeks. I say well deserved because I feel somewhat guilty […]

When being healthy becomes too restrictive

As we become more health conscious and aware of many things around food there is a tendency to be less flexible. You learn about how food is manufactured, processed and […]

safety of irish moss

  Is Irish moss safe? Are carrageenan and irish moss the same thing? I have been getting many emails lately regarding the safety of irish moss. It is something you […]