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How it all started…



I have posted many recipes in this section because I think it is what you like to see and I love the opportunity to create something and share with you . I make a lot of things for the cafe but I tend not to write down the ingredients and measurements so I feel like a real food blogger when I post a recipe. I have been asked to write a few articles about my health and business journey lately and it reminded me it was how I started this whole thing.

Many of you know i first started being interested in health when I was pregnant with my daughter Layla. That is over 14 years ago now…. Not knowing many like minded people and community I can feel supported by, I started this “blog” thing. Not a fancy wordpress website like this and not even sure if anyone was reading anything. But it was my space. it was a release for me to be able to talk about what I was passionate about. I knew a lot of things but I couldn’t share it with people without feeling like ….. a FREAK! Nobody around me was soaking, sprouting and fermenting strange ingredients and spending three times more on organic foods. Layla’s dad and I often got into disagreements over food, lifestyle and life views. I will change nothing but there was a lot of growing I had to do in those times.

Almost desperately I just wanted to start something. I did a lot of cold-calling to see any stores or markets can stock my “products” (It was my first “business” supplying raw truffles in jars.) Still dreaming about having my own space, driving around areas I wish I could be.

Now health and wellness industry is booming. Even though “health”means different things to many people the community is growing and celebrated. More healthy cafes, food products, and more information are easily accessed. I love this and am inspired by the movement. I have met so many amazing people who I wouldn’t have met if I didnt open Shokuiku. Everyday I am grateful for whatever it was that gave me a push.

Some of you may be wondering how long ago I opened Shokuiku. It was 4 years ago. You see…. it didn’t happen over night. lots of dreaming, wishing and waiting for the right time.

I live and breathe this life. My intention was to create a space I wanted for my daughter and me when I first started this health journey, thinking that there must be more people like me. It has not changed. Shokuiku will only offer foods that I feel good about sharing with loved ones. We only stock products that I am excited about.

To tell you the truth I am easily discouraged and become doubtful in what I am doing.  I used to look for a validation by others in those moments. That doesnt usually work though. it only made me anxious about how others view me and the business. Now when I feel stuck I think about myself 14 years ago and the big WHY I do what I do.

Maybe when I am more spiritually enlightened (if it ever happens!) then life is easy. For now my life has been and is still throwing some challenges at me materialistically or spiritually. At least I dont feel alone anymore. So… thank you for being here.  We are moving towards in the same direction, changing the world in our own way collectively.

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thank you xxx

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