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2016 : year of Fire Monkey – fun, cheeky and anything can happen


A little disclaimer… I am defiantly not an expert on astrology, Horoscope and all these things. I am not even sure I take in 100 percent of what they share.

I do find myself attracted to these articles, teachings and predictions, as though I wish what they say could be the truth, or needing someone or something to tell me what to do.

Last year I went in and booked a consultation with a tarot reader in my local area. She was actually quite well known in the community and highly recommended. We talked a lot about how the business is going and she picked straight away how my life was becoming the business. No balance. Well, she was right. She told me what needs to be done. – get more help. let go a little more. I thought “it’s easy for her to say”.

Then we moved onto my “love life” . She was sure that I’d meet someone before November 2016. She even told me what profession he would be. September came and went. October came and went. November came and nothing happened. After that I told everyone that I don’t believe in these things. I mean, how could anyone predict what is going to happen in someone else’s life? And do we even have the right to do so? I am too busy anyway.

What I missed was that I was not willing. When we close our door to the opportunities and adventures in life, we don’t get to enjoy them, even if they are right in front of us. These predictions are there to guide us and may give us the assurance, tell us that YES which we are secretly waiting for.

So I have been again casually looking around what the horoscope and moon signs and other fun things say about this year. Looking for an excuse to explore and hopefully open my door to what is to come.

2016 Fire Monkey – feb 8th 2016 to Jan 27th 2017

2016 is supposed to be the perfect time to create change. Like a monkey this year is going to be fun, fast passed, busy and full of enthusiastic energy. yes! anything can happen. It may bring you joy and creativity. Just be careful with playing with the fire and mischievousness of some people.

Monkey is connected the element, metal which is associated with gold/money. we may deal with more financial events this year.

Do you believe in horoscope? Have you had any experiences in any readings? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy the monkey year, everyone xx

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