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What Do I Take On Holiday To Supplement?

I am writing this post in Hawaii at the moment. Yep. I’m on a well deserved holidays for nearly three weeks.

I say well deserved because I feel somewhat guilty about taking some time away and need to remind myself that it is ok to take some time off work

I have been away for about three days and already feeling so much  more relaxed. Changing an environment like this really switch off regular routines physically and mentally.

I used to feel nervous about travelling. Firstly I don’t enjoy flying at all which hasn’t changed, and also going to a new unknown places mean that we cannot stick to our way of lifestyle.

Food should not stop you from living your life. I now get that. I understand now that you can have flexibility if you have built your core health already.

I still wanted to bring a few things to supplement and prepare myself though. And I thought to share what I decided to bring this time.



Looking after your gut health is essential everyday, especially when you are travelling. Being on the plane, jet lag, eating unusual foods, can mess up the balance of good and bad bacteria in a majour way.

I took a big dose before, during and after the flight and continue to take it while I’m away.Probiotic for holiday



these small protein like molecules are needed to transform macro and micro nutirents to usable form of nutrients. Accelerating the detoxification and digestive processes.


On  guard from Do Terra

Do Terra oils are definitely one of few pure essential oils that can be taken internally and externally.

I especially love “on guard” for protective immunity effect.

Do terra on guard


Mega hydrate

Mega hydrate is produced by well known scientist Dr. Patric Flanagans. It does not taste amazing but the level of antioxidant and hydration effect in the cell are incredible that you want to include this when travelling.

I still find it hard to take it on its own but smoothie or juice can hide the taste easily.

Mega hydrate

E3 live AFA

I wanted to take some green powders in case I couldn’t get to the fresh vegetables. This powerful algae supplements has been my favourite and always will be.

E3 live AFA

Blend  of  Reishi, Ho shou Wu and Schisandra berries

These herbs are my all time favourite. Ho shou Wu works especially on your Jing ( your essence) and great anti ageing , restoring herb. Reishi mushroom for overall wellbeing  and immunity, Schisandra berries to nurture all three treasures and organs. It is also a great liver detoxifier and beauty herb.

Reishi ho shou Wu, Schisandra berry

Gynostemma tea

My favourite tea of all time with Adaptogenic and longevity effects. Great thing is Gynostemma tastes great! It has a cooling energy so I thought it would be a great tea to take!


So that is it. hope you got something out of this information and when you are a frequent flyer and traveller you may want to do some more research on what I mentioned and put together your travel essentials.

Its better to be prepared and prevent any sickness which you really wouldn’t want to go through when you are on holiday!

Feeling expanded with seeing amazing nature of Hawaii, getting out of the same routine and trying new foods….



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