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When being healthy becomes too restrictive

As we become more health conscious and aware of many things around food there is a tendency to be less flexible.

You learn about how food is manufactured, processed and get to your table. You learn about how powerful food can be for your physical and mental health. It sure is empowering but on the other hand you start limiting what you want to consume and dont want to consume.

I know the feeling. I am all or nothing kind of girl. I often think about how I live my life. From outside it may seem pretty restrictive.

I dont really have a strong answer. I think whatever works for you is fine. Eating this way works fine and easy for me. (joy of running an organic raw food cafe!) There is no stagnation.

Is there a guilt? Is there a felling of being stuck? Is it coming from love or from fear?

Only you can answer this truthfully. If this eating style is limiting you from what you want to achieve from life then you may have to look at what your priority is.

Travelling may be your passion but you are scared to go because you may not be able to have your regular diet. You love to catch up with people but you stop going out for dinner as you feel isolated when you order something different from others. You are sick of feeling guilty after eating something you don’t want to, just to get along with others.

These may be the signs that your food choices or lifestyle are not working out for you. These may also be the signs that you need to nurture and respect your desire and ethics.

I am not saying that you will have to go back to the way it was, eating unconsciously. I encourage you to know why you decide to eat healthier and ethically. You can then draw a line to whatever you feel comfortable.

That may mean that you say no to some people who judge your decisions. That may mean that you consciously decide to eat what is in front of you or push it away. Remember to do so in a loving way for yourself and others. Feel what you are feeling and respect it. Only then your decision is coming from love. Not fear.

Be strong. Be forgiving. Be grateful


yoko xx


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