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Conversation with Loving Earth founder, Scott Fry

Really excited to be sharing this interview with Scott from Loving Earth. They are fast growing international chocolate company but many of you may not know the real mission behind what Scott and the team do.

From making sure that their ingredients are grown sustainably, using compostable and recyclable packaging to supporting regenerative agriculture and working with small producers, Loving Earth is a leader in natural food market.

In this episode Scott talks about

  • How he started working with native farmers
  • How his business started and his initial vision
  • Partnership with Rainforest Foundations in UK
  • How Loving Earth is moving to regenerative agriculture
  • How consumers can make a difference
  • Challenging times since he started Loving Earth and how he overcame it
  • What he is working on to make the company more transparent and educate consumers
  • Taking to International Market

Tea that he mentioned in the beginning, Jilungin

Kiss the ground 

It is essential for me to connect with people like Scott who have missions and purposes that are bigger than themselves and share their passions with the communities. This keeps me inspired and remind me of why I do what I do.

I hope you enjoy the interview and take some information into your life


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