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Where are our herbs from?


We are excited about offering our products to wider audiances by working with selected retailers across the country.

We are also recieving more enquiries about the safety of our herbs as well. Many of our superfoods and herbs are certified organic. Some are not labelled organic because they may be from clean source but it is too hard for a small farmer and/grower to obtain the organic certification.

I have written “When organic herbs are not better” here. In this post I touched on the concept of Di Tao as well as organic vs wild crafted herbs. These are the main reasons we chose to work with our current suppliers.

Many of our  herbs are wild herbs that come directly from the forest, like our Chaga, Coriolus Versicolor, Schisandra berries and Siberian ginseng. Many are “semi-wild” herbs, which were grown from seeds, then placed in their natural environment. These herbs are still influenced by environmental conditions that affect the bioactive compounds and vitality of herbs. Our semi wild herbs include Reishi, Lions mane, Astragalus, He shou wu and White atractylodes.

The only exception is our cordyceps. It is an unique mushroom that grows on/in an insect wildly. The genuine wild cordyceps would cost you a small fortune and very rare to find. Good news is that lab produced cordyceps are proven to be as effective as wild ones. We offer both Sinensis, produced by liquid fermentation to produce 100 percent pure Cordyceps Cs-4 mycelium. (not cultivated on rice grain, which is done by many cheap US based companeis) as well as Militaris which has better successful cultivation of its fruiting body.


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