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when organic herbs are not better

Medicinal mushroom seems to become the hot trend of 2018 in a superfood world.  When we first opened the shop it was a strange concept to add mushroom to your almond lattes. Not anymore.

Medicinal mushrooms has been utilised, studied extensively and I am confident that this trend is not going to stop anytime soon.

I have listened to a very popular podcast about medicinal mushroom two days ago which I am guessing to be the reason so many people have been coming to the shop to get their mushrooms in the last few days.

In the podcast the speaker mentioned the quality of mushrooms to look out for. He bluntly said no mushrooms from China. My heart sank as many of our herbs do come from China.

Not to mention that he owns a company that sell mushrooms grown in U.S. I feel it is not black and white when it comes to Chinese herbs.

1. Di Tao

There is a great concept called Di Tao in Daoist practice. It applies to the herbs that come from a source that is considered their spiritual homeland. The regions and sources of the herbs should be genuine and authentic to produce the most desired effect on the human bodies. All plants reflect their environment and conditions. These Chinese herbs have been grown and harvested in China for centuries. It is their home. If we are making sure that the soil, water, air are clean (that is why our herbs come from remote  areas away from industrialisation) these herbs should come from their motherland.

2. organic vs wild crated

Sometimes organic herbs and plants lose its resilience and magic because it is tendered too much. The environmental stressors are what make these herbs, (especially adaptogens) stronger and most effective.
When the herbs are wild crafted, they are allowed to grow naturally without us humans interfering it, keeping their wildness.

Our Chinese wild crafted herbs come from pristine regions of china without the use of chemicals or other fertilisers. The clean water comes from the mountain. The forests that those herbs grow cannot be easily certified organic. However the methods and environments that these herbs are grown would make them certifiable and quite magnificent.

We understand and passionate about importance of safe herbs. Our organic, wildcrafted or semi-wildrafted herbs come from the suppliers, who understand the most potent and traditional way to grow and harvest our herbs. They are lab tested for their potency and safety.

If you have any further questions please do reach out to us.

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