Schisandra Berries



Schisandra berries have a long history and known to have five different tastes, providing sour, bitter, salty , warm and sweet flavour in one berry. Traditionally used to treat lung alignments, such as asthma and cough, and to promote mental function, improve skin tone and enhance sexual performance, as well as to build resistance to infection and to promote longevity.

Schisandra berries are touted for their adaptogenic properties – a substance that has a normalising effect on the body, regardless of its current condition. It can help correct any state of being, harmonising body systems so that they function properly. Schisandra berries are known to have a positive effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system , providing a relief from chronic fatigue, stress, and physical and mental exhaustion.

Schisandra has gained popularity as it can provide alternative to caffeine without the side effect.

It is also widely used to beautify the skin and to protect it from the damaging effects from the sun and wind . It is also considered aphrodisiac.

Possible Benefits

• Adaptogenic actions
• Increasing energy without the jittery side effect of caffeine
• Detoxifying the entire body
• Improving coordination
• Nourishing the nervous system
• Reducing coughs
• Removing parasites
• Improving night vision
• Boosting concentration & mental focus
• Reducing hunger & thirst
• Restoring energy balance to the body
• Beautifies the skin
• Helping the body to better utilize oxygen
• Regenerating liver tissue
• Raising your body’s glutathione enzyme levels
• Helping the body adapt to mental & physical stresses
• Improving liver & kidney health
• Reducing insomnia
• Increasing energy supply to vital organs
• Improving work performance, building strength & helping to reduce fatigue

Net Weight: 80 g


Additional information

Weight 100 g



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