De Tao White Atractylodes

Traditionally used to treat physical and mental fatigue, diarrhoea, edema, dizziness and vomiting. Able to lower blood sugar levels and supports the kidney, bladder and digestive system.

Full Description

White atractylodes (Atractylodes Rhizome White is the rhizome of Atractylodes japonica Koidzumi) is widely used in East Asia as a diuretic and stomachic drug, for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, digestive disorders, night blindness, and influenza as it contains a variety of sesquiterpenoids and other components of medicinal importance.

It also has the ability to lower blood sugar levels. It is a Qi tonic, and helps support the functions of the kidney, bladder and digestive system.

The compounds present within Atractylodes play a significant role in producing the beneficial effects of the plant on the body. They include volatile oils, lactone compounds, vitamins, and amino acids that have anti-inflammatory and oxidative qualities.


Possible Benefits
  • Promotes digestion and helps with bloating 
  • Improves mental performance 
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Help with diarrhoea, quells nausea
  • Helps with spleen deficiency
  • Can combat mental fatigue
How To use
Product info: extract powder of white atractylodes Ideal for: adding to tea, smoothies, or other hot beverages
Full Ingredient List
Semi-wild harvested white atractylodes root extract 10:1


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