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Raw Vegan Lychee Ice Cream Float

When I see ice cream float, I always remember the one I used to have as a child.

It was bright green with vanilla ice cream on top. Summer didn’t complete without having this float at least once.

I am not even sure why it was so green. It wasn’t mint or any other green flavour… it just tasted like sweet soda. I am sure it had an artificially coloured but why would we do that if we can colour it with natural colour these days…

ANYWAY…. this one is not green.

I found amazing looking lychee at my local organic shop so I wanted to make something with them. They are not around too long. you need to be quick! The classic combination of lychee, lemon/lime and raspberry with a touch of ginger works well to create this refreshing soda float.

lychee 1

When I create recipes I usually write them down in random paper. It got me in trouble so many times but I never seemed to learn the lesson.

Now I am here sitting in front of the computer with a tiny panic as I can’t find that piece of paper…

Im going to post this anyway as you, creative souls out there may just get inspired to make something similar after watching the recipe.

Its totally worth it. raw vegan lychee ice cream float

The first step is to make the ice cream

you will need


coconut meat

coconut water



your preferred syrup

coconut oil

in the bottom of a glass place some raspberry then two scoops of the ice cream.

Pour over some sparkling water and enjoy.

You can add some sweetener to the drink itself but I dont like my drink too sweet and thought it was enough from the sweetness of the ice cream.

I have been enjoying using my newly bought soda siphon over the summer to make my own sparkling water. You can certainly use some bought from a store or using other machines like SodaStream.

I just love the sound of Siphon though 😉

enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe over the You Tube, so you won’t miss out on our weekly posts.

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