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How To Make Tour Natto

Natto has been getting a spotlight lately.

So what is natto?

Natto is a traditional japanese dish made from soy beans that are fermented with unique bacteria, bacillus subtilise natto. It does have an acquiring taste and smell and many people are put off by them.

But what is all he fuss about?

All fermented foods are amazing for our health, promoting good bacteria in your gut. What stands out with natto are a few unique nutrients that are quite rare in our diet.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K1 can be found in many green lefty vegetables.( I hope you are getting them abundantly in your diet already!) Unlike vitamin K1, Vitamin K2 is only found in a couple of places such as eggs, fermented cheese but only in small amount. Natto is the top source of vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is essential for bone formation, especially working with vitamin D.  It may reduce bone loss in post-menopausal women by as much as 80%.

Natto also contains olyglutamin acid, which helps you absorb calcium, directing to the right places instead of leaving it to calcify. Japanese research has demonstrated an association between eating natto and lower rates of cervical bone breakage, a common problem among older people suffering from osteoporosis.

This effect may be one of the reasons which can reduce blood clots by slowing arterial calcification. Nattokinase is a clot-dissolving enzyme discovered and named in 1990 by Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi. The combination of pyrazine and nattokinase found in Natto can help prevent the devastating problems associated with blood clots.

Natto many even be beneficial for healthy skin, thanks to lecithin and linoleic acid as well as vitamin PQQ.

In melbourne I found an Asian grocery store that sells organic natto. ( please try to avoid GMO soy beans!) But it is pretty easy to make it yourself if you have an access to this special Natto spores. I have also tried to make natto using store bought natto as a starter an worked perfectly.

enjoy the video.


– make sure to soak beans with plant of water. Guide amount is triple. ( e.g. 100g beans need 300c water)

– make sure that all the containers and tools you are using are clean.

– cook the beans till they can be squashed easily between your two fingers.

– I have used a dehydrator to keep the temperature stable at 40 degrees. You may try yoghurt maker, hot water bottle, or heated blanket.

– when you are fermenting the beans do not layer the beans too much. 3 layers would be the maximum.

– for better umami flavour leave fermented beans in the fridge over night before consuming.

In this video I have used 200 g beans and split into two. 100g using natto spores and other 100g fermented with store bought natto.


Now we have a limited number of natto spores for sale via here

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quick natto living salad

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