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Rose And Pistachio Ice Cream – Raw Vegan Recipe

rose and pistachio ice cream - raw vegan recipe


there is something about ice cream that gets me every time.

I never liked traditional whipped cream. But dairy ice cream was one of my favourite foods when growing up.

Homemade raw ice cream are as satisfying and creamy as other store bought ice cream, only healthier.

Healthier without dairy, refined sugar and preservatives which keeps the ice cream scoopable for a long period of time.

You will need to thaw a little before if you leave the ice cream in the freezer for a while and hardens up. And make sure to have it covered well.  All good. It still tastes as delicious 🙂

This is a beautiful flavour combinations. High power blender is necessary to make creamy ice cream with pistachio. Hope you enjoy the recipe!

tea :1 tbs rose

1 1/2 cup warm water

make nut/grain milk with the tea and sufficient nuts/grains (I used 1/2 cup sprouted oats)

100g pistachio, soaked, drained and rinsed then skin removed

pinch of salt

organic rose essence (I recommend Medicine Flower extract)

1/3 cup sunroot syrup or your preferred sweetener

1 tbs coconut oil, softened

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