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Elixir Sample Kit

Full Description

Matcha and Ashitaba elixir 

Organic ceremonial grade matcha with mineral-rich ashitaba

Coconut milk*
Ceremonial grade matcha*
Monk fruit*

55g (4servings)

Chai ashwagandha elixir 

A soothing and spicy chai with the powerful Ayurvedic adaptogen, Ashwagandha

Coconut milk*
Shoku Iku signature chai spice mix*
Ashwagandha chai*
Monk fruit*

55g (4 serves)

Immunity elixir 

A tangy and sweet blend of acerola, baobab, and astragalus to support your
immunity and energy

Coconut milk*
Freeze-dried acerola*
Astragalus root**
Monk fruit*

75g (3 Serves)

Reishi hot chocolate elixir 

A luxurious blend of cacao, gelatinised maca and the Queen of medicinal
mushroom, Reishi

Coconut milk*
Cacao powder*
Gelatinised maca root*
Monk fruit*
Duan Wood Reishi**

75g (3 servings)

Herbal coffee with medicinal mushroom 

Gluten-free, caffeine-free herbal coffee with our signature medicinal mushroom

Coconut milk*
Extracts of roasted barley*
Extracts of Rye*
Extracts of Chicory root*
Extracts of Dandelion root*
Medicinal mushroom blend**

60g (4 servings)

** De Tao - a concept from Taoist tonic herbalism that refers to sourcing herbs from
their spiritual homeland
***Wild Harvested



  1. abbey t.

    loved it, very good value. My favourites were the matcha and immunity elixir.
  2. Alison Y.

    This is such a great way to try all the elixirs and the presentation is so beautiful using them is a lovely ritual in itself

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