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Gelatinised Organic Maca

Contains a powerhouse of vitamins, plant sterols, minerals, and heart-healthy fats. Used to increase energy and as treatment for low libido and infertility.

Full Description

Maca (Lepidium meyeni) is native to the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. This sacred perennial plant has been harvested and used for centuries in Andean culture to treat low libido and increase energy levels. 

This nutrient dense superfood is a powerhouse of vitamins, plant sterols, minerals, and heart-healthy fats that keep the body functioning at its optimum. It includes seven of the nine essential amino acids as well as high levels of healthy carbohydrates, protein, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, b vitamins, and linoleic and oleic fatty acids.

Maca is an adaptogen (a natural substance that normalises and regulates the system of the body) and provides overall well being for the cardio, lymphatic and nervous systems and it gently energises and is a defence against stress.

Scientists have identified four alkaloids in maca powder, which nourish the endocrine system and stabilise the body’s hormones.

Research supports that maca root may be helpful for men with erectile dysfunction (ED), by gently and gradually reversing the underlying circulatory problem. Studies show that oral supplementation with maca repairs the biochemical cascade of events that makes penile arteries misbehave without the health risks associated with prescription ED drugs. Many factors can affect libido, including hormone levels, stress and mood. 

For women research has shown that after 8 weeks of taking 1,500 mg of maca a day reduced miscarriage rates and increase in foetal growth. Men enjoy an average 180% increase in their libido and average 200% increase in semen volume as well as significantly increased sperm counts. All these benefits occur without meddling with sex hormone levels. Instead it appears that maca activates an anabolic gene pathway known as insulin-like growth factor (IGF), which is a critical determinant of fertility and foetal development, and which is known to decline with age.

Shoku Iku’s Gelatinised Maca does not contain gelatine and is vegan. ‘Gelatinisation’ simply refers to a cooking process that helps make maca much healthier and safer to consume and is more effective for the body to absorb its benefits. Our maca is a blend of yellow, red and black maca,


Possible Benefits
  • May be effective in increasing energy, stamina, and endurance
  • High in phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • May help to support and strengthen the immune system
  • May be beneficial in promoting overall well-being
  • May help to increase mental clarity
  • May be helpful in reducing chronic fatigue
  • May help to support adrenal function
  • Studies have shown that it may be effective in regulating the endocrine system
  • May be effective in balancing hormones
  • Studies have shown that contains compounds that may have anti-aging effects
  • Used for centuries to stimulate fertility in men and woman
  • May help improve sexual function and boost libido in men and women
  • May provide a great relief from common symptoms of the menstrual cycle
  • May be effective in increasing bone strength
  • May be helpful in reducing inflammation
  • May be beneficial for regulating blood sugar
  • May help to increase oxygen in the blood
How To use

Product info: powder from maca root
Ideal for: Adding to juice or smoothies

Full Ingredient List

Organic yellow, red and black maca root powder

Additional Info
Weight:100g Miron jar or 250g bag
Origin: Peru
Dosage:up to 1 tbs per day
Safety Notes:Talk to a health professional if you are unsure if this is right for you, especially if you are pregnant, breast feeding or if you are on any medications.


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