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Cacao Pili Nut and Hemp Butter Spread

Full Description

Made with wild harvested hand-cracked pili nuts,  and organic hemp seeds, processed at low temperatures to keep the enzymes alive and prevent them from oxidising.

Blended with earthy cacao and a beautiful blend of reishi, Chaga and reishi spores it's smooth and easy to devour. It is perfect on bread, crackers, topping for smoothie bowls, and more.



How To use

Spread the spread on your bread, and crackers, to use as a topping for your smoothie bowls, and more.

Please refrigerate when you receive the jar. Leave it out to soften before use

Full Ingredient List

wild harvested, hand cracked and activated pilinuts, organic hemp seeds, organic cacao, semi-wild harvested reishi, wild harvested chaga, cracked cell Reishi spores, salt, organic monk fruit

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