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Bliss Kit

Full Description

BLISS – a quartet of products to help uplift, harmonise and calm the mind.

Spirit blend 

Open your heart and see the divine beauty and love in life with this formula. An
uplifting and quintessential blend that is essential in promoting a calming and
positive state of mind with a sense of true wellness.

Asparagus root**
Duan Wood Reishi**
Luo han guo**


Blue lotus tea 

The Blue Lotus Flower has been considered a highly spiritual herb. It has been
consumed for over thousands of years due to its innumerable medicinal
properties as a sleep aid, aphrodisiac and natural remedy for anxiety.

Blue lotus flower*

5 flowers

Ceremonial Uji Matcha 

Authentic Uji Matcha is produced by a family business in Kyoto founded in the
1751 Edo period for over 20 generations. This ceremonial grade certified
Organic matcha is handpicked and freshly grounded to order with a traditional
stone milling processing to preserve freshness and flavour.

Ceremonial grade Uji matcha powder*


Reishi hot chocolate elixir 

A luxurious blend of cacao, gelatinised maca and the Queen of medicinal
mushroom, Reishi

Coconut milk*
Cacao powder*
Gelatinised maca*
Monk fruit*
Duan wood Reishi**

75g (3 servings)

** De Tao - a concept from Taoist tonic herbalism that refers to sourcing herbs from
their spiritual homeland
***Wild Harvested



  1. Matthew M.

  2. Sarah Austin

    Really beautiful selection and such high quality. Loving all of these products!

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