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Poria Mushroom (Fu Ling)

Poria, also known as Wolfiporia extensa or Fu Ling, is known for its medicinal properties, Poria has been used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for centuries. It is valued for its ability to support immune function, reduce inflammation, promote digestive health, and combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Full Description

Poria, also known as Wolfiporia extensa or Fu Ling in traditional Chinese medicine, is a fungus that grows on the roots of certain trees, particularly pine trees. Renowned for its medicinal properties, Poria has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine to promote health and well-being.

One of the primary health benefits of Poria is its ability to support the immune system. It contains bioactive compounds that have been shown to enhance immune function, helping the body defend against infections and illnesses. By bolstering the immune response, Poria may reduce the frequency and severity of colds, flu, and other common infections.

Poria is also valued for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation throughout the body. Chronic inflammation is associated with various health conditions, including arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune disorders. By inhibiting inflammatory pathways, Poria may help alleviate symptoms associated with these conditions and promote overall health.

Being adaptogenic, Poria helps the body adapt to stress and maintain balance. It supports the adrenal glands, which play a crucial role in the body's stress response system, helping to reduce stress levels and improve resilience.

In traditional medicine, Poria is also used to support digestive health. It is believed to strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve digestion, and alleviate symptoms such as bloating, gas, and indigestion. By promoting healthy digestion, Poria may enhance nutrient absorption and support overall digestive function.

Poria is valued for its diuretic properties, which can help promote the elimination of excess fluid from the body. This may be beneficial for individuals experiencing water retention or swelling due to conditions like edema or premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Overall, Poria is a versatile medicinal fungus with a wide range of health benefits. Whether used to support immune function, reduce inflammation, combat stress, or promote digestive health, Poria offers a natural and holistic approach to wellness.


Possible Benefits
  • Anti–tumour/ anti–cancer
  • Anti-inflammatory can help skin disease such as psoriasis and is well known among Chinese women to improve skin condition. It is applied topically
  • Anti-diuretic
  • Helps with digestive problems such as diarrhoea, constipation, acidity and other gastrointestinal issues.
  • Helps with insomnia, anxiety, depression
  • Good for kidneys, spleen, liver
  • Semi-wild harvested from De Tao region of origin in China
  • Modulates immune system
  • Eliminates excess fluid
  • Relieves anxiety
How To use

Product info: extract powder of Poria
Ideal for: adding to tea, smoothies, or other hot beverages

Full Ingredient List

Semi- wild harvested fruiting body of Poria extract 10:1

Additional Info
Weight:80g Miron jar or 250g bag
Origin:“Di Tao” regions of China.
Dosage:1/2 tsp to 1 tsp per day
Safety Notes:Talk to a health professional if you are unsure if this is right for you, especially if you are pregnant, breast feeding or on any medications.


  1. Jemma C.

    Using this for the anti cancer/tumour benefits. So far so good.
  2. Liza