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25 Podcast – Gut Health

In the podcast I briefly touch on the common gut issues people are experiencing. remember, it is not that having ‘bad”bacteria is an issue. it becomes a problem when they […]

#24 podcast – Schisandra Berry

It took me a while for me to get into these berries just because when extracted into powder it has an unique flavour that goes only with specific drinks. But […]

#21 podcast – Astragalus

Astragalus is my go to herb for the immnity system.  the roots of this plants have been used to boost immunity, tonify the spleen and digestion and also as an […]

#20 podcast – Adaptogens

So what are adaptogens…. Basically adaptogens refers to non specific herbs that can enhance human body. According to the primary definition that was set in 1940. They need to meet […]

#19 podcast – Autumn (Metal Season)

Autumn, the season of Metal, is a great time to slow down,  sleep longer and reflect. The focused organs for this season are Lungs and large intestines. As the weather […]