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#22 podcast – swap sugar with these sweeteners – No-GI, No Calorie, Keto friendly

Refined sugar can have very harsh long term affects if consumed in large amounts, with weight gain being not the only issue, swapping sugar in recipes for more natural ingredients could help you and your family in so many ways. I understand how important our health is, which is why I decided to do a podcast about it.

We live in the times that refined sugars are everywhere and its temptations. We also live in the times that alternatives to refund sugar can be sourced much easier. There are many natural sugars such as coconut sugar, maple sugar, rice syrup etc that still have some minerals and enzymes which can easily replace refined sugar.

In this podcast though, I am focusing on the sweeteners that are low-no GI, low-no calorie. They are often classified as Keto-friendly, and safe for diabetic conditions and candida.

Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo)



are three of my favourites when I am making my desserts and drinks sugar free


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