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#21 podcast – astragalus

Astragalus is my go to herb for the immnity system.  the roots of this plants have been used to boost immunity, tonify the spleen and digestion and also as an adaptogen, if you are not familier with the term adaptogen, we convered this in the last episode. 

For me it gives a really quick almost instant energy boost because of this rising energy. And for that reason I dont take it too close to the bed time. I really notice it when I take it. 

It is in my regular mix with reishi, and other mushrooms and maybe he shou wu. Because of its sweet flavour it actullay helps the tea tastes so much better. I love the ritual in the morning. 

We have 7 alchemy blends and astragalus is in the immunity mix. Also in flying high mix becuase of its this upright chi/ energy effect that gives you. You will also find it in Digestive support because it is known to strenthens metabolism and digestion, stimulating spleen qi.

In this episode we cover

  • the characteristic of this herb
  • Main components in Astragalus
  • Cycloastragenol in Astragalus and how it can affect telomeres
  • meditation and effects on telomeres / telomerase activity
  • how to take our astragalus extract powder

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