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#18 podcast marine phytoplankton and E3 live products

In this episode I will go over two algae that might be even more potent than spirulina and chlorella. 

Marine phytoplankton and AFA.

Micro-algae like spirulina and chlorella are widely known and we went over their health benefits in the last episode. 

You can say marine phytoplankton and AFA products even have stronger taste but I beelive they are an amazing addition to your diet. 

Marine Phytoplankton 


Emotional benefit

Why you need to look out for  annochloropsis gadditana strain and why

AFA Algae 300 mg
Spirulina 115 mg
Chlorella 280 mg
Barley Grass 149 mg
Wheat Grass 55mg


You can purchase Marine phytoplankton here and AFA capsule , AFA powder,  fresh frozen Brain on fresh frozen , brain on capsules and Blue Majik


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