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#24 podcast – Schisandra berry

It took me a while for me to get into these berries just because when extracted into powder it has an unique flavour that goes only with specific drinks. But I have started using whole berries to make tea which I drink pretty much everyday at the moment. 

Schisandra berries in Chinese which means five flavoured berry because of it has all the five flavours, sweet, sour salty, bitter and pungent. The flavours are said to be associated with different organs in the body and having all the flavours in this one berry it can positively affect the whole body system. 

Schisandra is the berry of a climbing vine native to China and Russia. it is harvested in summer. We sell whole berries that have been dried, or extracted powder which you can just add to smoothies or juices. 

Traditionally used for longevity, anti-aging properties, increasing energy and as a sexual tonic. It is considered an adaptogen and one of the most highy protevtive of all medicinal plants. 


Studies I mentioned

liver health

skin health

weight management

Organic Schisandra Berries

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