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Monk Fruit: A Healthy Alternative to Sugar

In the world of natural sweeteners, one fruit stands out for its remarkable sweetness without the drawbacks of sugar: the monk fruit. Also known as luo han guo, this small, […]

Supporting your menstrual cycle

Nature operates in a rhythmic pattern of cycles, demonstrating the intricate dance of life. The changing seasons cycle from winter’s chill to spring’s renewal, through the warmth of summer, and […]

How to stay healthy while travelling

Travelling is one of the most exciting activities.  There is something about the thrill of what lies ahead, ready to bring in new experiences. Yet, let’s face it, the reality […]

Immunity Building

With the fear of Corona virus that is going on at the moment building your immune system is crucial. So little is known about this virus at this time and […]

#17 podcast – Spirulina and Chlorella

In this podcast episode and next I would be focusing on types of algae that we carry at Shokuiku.  I will be talking about spirulina and chlorella which are two […]

Nutrients and foods for protection from EMF

We can all agree that we live in the environment that has a lot of stressors. There are chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, mold and more factors that can burden our […]

Is Ketogenic diet killing you?

Move over Paleo. Ketogenic diet seems to be the latest trendy diet these days. When you are in ketosis (from high fat diet) your body will shift to produce ketones […]

goji, schisandra and gynostemma iced latte recipe

Goji, schisandra and gynostemma iced latte Probably these three herbs, goji, schisandra and gynostemma, would be my favourite herbs. (wait, maybe I will have to add some medicinal mushrooms to […]