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How to stay healthy while travelling

Travelling is one of the most exciting activities. 

There is something about the thrill of what lies ahead, ready to bring in new experiences.

Yet, let’s face it, the reality of travel isn’t always the glamorous we imagine. Whether you’re soaring through the skies, chugging along on a train, cruising in a car, or even catching a bus, it can drain your energy and throw a wrench into your healthy routine.

Ever experienced a sudden change in bathroom schedules, unpredictable digestion, feeling dehydrated, or just feeling imbalanced? 

I have put together this quick list of travel tips to keep you thriving when you are on the go. 

  • take healthy snacks 

when I am on the plane, I tend to fast. If you need to eat I would recommend bringing your own foods as it is easy to reach for the most convenient snack or meal, which usually isn’t the healthiest option. 

Select snacks high in protein, healthy fats and fibre. This may be pieces of vegetables, or activated nuts/seeds. Explore our functional food range to keep you satisfied with the convenience and fuel up throughout the trip.

  • Keep hydrated

You become dehydrated when sitting in the dry cabin and being hydrated can help you overcome jet lag, and improve sleep, mood and energy levels. I do not recommend drinking alcohol while on the plane. At 35,000 feet, alcohol is not your friend. but if you are drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks make sure to compensate with extra water. Hydrogen water is a must for me when it comes to hydrating and it is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

  • Keep moving

When you’re on the road, it’s easy to forget that your body craves movement, even when you’re away from your usual routine.

Rather than viewing physical activity as a chore, consider it an invitation to experience your destination on a deeper level and keep your energy levels.

From brisk morning walks, and spontaneous bike rides, staying active while travelling isn’t about squeezing in a routine workout – it’s about embracing the joy of movement and embracing the opportunities that present themselves. 

When you are on the plane stand up and stretch every hour or so. 

  • Pack herbs and supplements to support your wellbeing 

Medicinal Mushrooms: 

When you’re on the road, your body is adapting to new environments, time zones, and experiences. This is where medicinal mushrooms step in. These mushrooms can promote balance and harmony from within, ensuring support for your mood, sleep, immunity and overall well-being. 

I would especially recommend Chaga, Reishi and/ or our Blend.


sulphur-rich foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, and onions can help reduce inflammation when flying. MSM contains a high level of sulphurous compounds which not only support your immunity, and are anti-inflammatory but keep your hair, skin and nail healthy.

Chlorella /Spirulina/Marine phytoplankton:

It’s likely that you won’t get a daily dose of highly nutritious foods while travelling. These algae are packed with nutrients to cover your daily vitamins and minerals. Not only they are highly nutritious they can help you reduce inflammation, recover and detox.


When it comes to combating jet lag, there’s one heavyweight that stands above the rest – Rhodiola Rosea. Its impact on your body and mind is substantial. It boosts endurance and stamina, making it an ideal asset during travels. Moreover, its benefits extend to the brain and nervous system, providing a robust defence against stress and cellular damage.


Like other adaptogens, eleuthero has the power to energise and activate your protective mechanisms. It’s all about enhancing energy flow and engaging your working tissues, especially during stressful times.

While you are travelling you are likely to be out of your health routine, whether it’s temperature fluctuations, recovery from injury, drug/alcohol detoxification, eleuthero steps in to support recovery and boost your immunological defences. It’s not just about physical strains; Eleuthero even has your back against the jet lag blues.


Primed to supercharge your immunity and digestion, ensuring every adventure is met with resilience and comfort.

Astragalus empowers your body to stand strong against stressors and fortifies your immune system, offering a line of defence.

Travel often shakes up our routines, impacting digestion. Here, astragalus steps in as your ally. Its support for a healthy digestive tract ensures you stay comfortable, even during those unpredictable journeys.

Fasting tea

I am a huge herbal tea fan. If I can only take one herbal tea I would choose our Fasting tea. It is a blend of Gynostemma, Pau’ D Arco, Reishi, Schisandra, cinnamon, and Ginger – Effective in any circumstance where there is a need to normalize any physiological, biochemical, or immunological defect.

Hemp Cosmic Charcoal:

Activated charcoal is like a magnet for unwanted guests in your system – think bloating, gas, and occasional discomfort caused by new foods or water in unfamiliar places. When you’re on the move, your digestive system might face challenges. Activated charcoal absorbs excess gas and toxins, giving you relief and ensuring your travel adventures are not clouded by discomfort.

You may indulge more than usual during your trip – the rich meals, exotic flavours, and maybe a few too many cocktails. Activated charcoal helps absorb those excesses, helps you detox and leaves you feeling more balanced.

Our Cosmic Hemp charcoal is the microbe symbiotic hemp. This multi-faceted fully natural product is a combination of hemp charcoal and effective microorganisms, which supports healthy microbiota.

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