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#17 podcast – Spirulina and Chlorella

In this podcast episode and next I would be focusing on types of algae that we carry at Shokuiku. 

I will be talking about spirulina and chlorella which are two algae that many people are already familier with. Then I would also like to add AFA and Marine phytoplankton after this week also. 

I love seaweed. I have them regularly in my diet like nori, wakame, kombu, agar agar and more. But if you are talking about really nutrient dense algae these are my top four. 

First of all, Algae is the first plant life on earth. We know that algae has 40 vitamins and minereals, more protein than steak, more iron than the liver, more calcium than milk , more chlorophyll than kale, more antioxidants than berries. It is also pretty eco friendly becuase it does not take much space to grow compared to other energy dense foods like beef. and it releases oxygen while growing. it continues to provide 80- 90 percent of the oxygen. 

Many of us have heard of or already are using these two basic forms of algae. Spirulina and chlorella. 

In this episode I will go through the benefits and interesting facts of these nutrient dense foods.

Links to the studies mentioned in the podcast

AtP synthesis produced when Carotenoid found in chlorophyll is exposed to the sunlight

The amino acid nutrient profile is almost identical to mother’s milk

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