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winter warming chia pudding – raw vegan tonic superfood recipe


Many people find eating raw food in winter difficult. They may have more colder constitution. I’d not want to force people to eat in a certain way if it becomes stressful. Including some healthy cooked foods can be beneficial to some this season.

I personally still enjoy eating raw meals in winter. However I need to make sure to increase more tonic herbs, superfoods and general foods that are warming and nourishing for spleen.

Our digestive system works well when it is not damp and cold and raw food has a tendency to be this way. We know that raw food is amazing because of its high mineral and vitamin content. its enzymes and vitality of the produce still intact to help you feel more energetic, vibrant and clear. We also need to look after our spleen.

I have written an ebook EAT MORE RAW IN WINTER – how to stay balanced when eating raw food in winter. You can check it out if  you are interested in learning more about

– 11 practical actions to help you eat more raw in winter and still warm

– how to get warm from your foods

– how to prepare for the winter

– what winter is for

– list of warming foods

– helpful herbs to rebalance in winter

– winter from macrobiotic and Five Element Theory Perspective

– how to make tea

– how you could accumulate dampness around your waistline, sluggish digestion and metabolism

it also has some winter recipes for you to try .


let’s get to the recipe. This has plenty of warming foods. Serving warm (not hot to keep it raw) milk of your choice make it even more comforting in winter!  White atractylodes is one of my favourite herbs. It can nourish your spleen, chi (prana) which is important for keeping your spleen warm and dry. Damp spleen can lead  to odema (especially around your waistline), bloating, candida and other fungus conditions.

We also have others products for nourishing spleen such as poria and digestive support blend




1 cup almond pulp, dehydrated

1 cup activated buckwheat

1/2 cup brazil nut

2 tsp white atractylodes extract

3 tsp lakanto or adjust to your taste

about 40ml water (enough to make a crumbly crust)

place almond pulp, buckwheat and brazil nut and make it into a meal. add the rest and process further. The mixture should be crumbly

chia pudding:

2 cups your favourite milk

100ml chia seeds

1/4 cup cacao powder

2 squarts stevia

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

Soak chia seeds with milk at least a couple of hours to over night.

Ad the rest and process further


tonic syrup

coconut oil, melted

white atractylodes extract


Mix all the ingredients together.

Taste to your liking


your favourite milk



layer with chia pudding mix and crust and drizzle with the syrup.

Pour warm milk of your choice


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