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Eat more raw in winter

It is still dark at 7 o’clock in the morning and definitely feeling the chill lately.

yep, winter is coming.

Winter is not usually a favourite season for many people, especially for those who like to eat raw food. Our juicy mangos, peaches and watermelon are not seen anywhere. You can still get tomatoes and cucumber but they look somewhat unappetising.

One of many questions I get asked often is “how do you cope in winter?”

Is it necessary to stick to 100 percent raw food in all seasons? My answer is No. In fact there is no rules to how much raw food you MUST eat in any seasons. It depends on your body, lifestyle, health goals and many other important things that create your whole life.

However I still enjoy raw food in winter, for what it makes me feel.

I did make some “mistakes” in previous years and learnt some tips to make this season enjoyable.

Are you dreading that another cold season is coming and not sure what to eat? 

Would you like to warm up from inside so that you have enough fire no matter how cold it is outside? 

Would you like to know how to eat fresh raw food with all the nutrients and enzymes to keep your immune system up? 

If you answered yes to any questions above, this book will help you.

I have been writing “EAT MORE RAW IN WINTER – how to stay balanced when eating raw food in winter” to help you see winter in a different light.

You can purchase this book soon!

Look forward to sharing with you xxeat more raw in winter

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