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Health Benefits of Organic Stevia

Aside from  its natural sweetening properties, Stevia is loaded with other health benefits.

Stevia Rebaudiana has been used in Paraguay and Brazil to sweeten food for hundreds of years. It is 200 times sweeten than sugar, without the ill effects of processed sugar and other synthetic sweeteners.

But  the native south Americans have also  been using stevia as an herbal treatment for  burns, colic, stomach problem and even as a contraceptive

Vitamins and Minerals

Stevia   contains  vitamins A, B and C, minerals iron, zinc and calcium, and electrolytes  sodium and potassium.

Weight Loss

Unlike other synthetic sweeteners that may actually cause overeating by making the  body compensate for the lack of feeling of satiety and increasing carbohydrate intake, Stevia balances metabolism and doesn’t make one overeat.

Children’s Diet

Kid’s have a natural affinity to sweetness and a drop of stevia goes a long way in sweetening kid’s drinks, smoothies and snacks without the .


It is proven to lower blood sugar levels   for diabetic patients by improving the function of the hormone insulin.

Dental Health

It has anti-bacterial properties and is used in Paraguay as mouth rinse or mixed with toothpaste to fight cavities and for gum bleeding.


Though no studies have been done to test the effects of Stevia on fertility in humans, it s traditionally used by the natives of Southern Brazil as a contraception.

Anti-Oxidant and Anti-inflammatory

Stevia is also rich in anti-oxidant and may have anti-inflammatory


Choosing Stevia Product

But not all stevia products are created equal, standard methods for creating liquid stevia is with reconsituded stevia powder, which gives the product a bitter aftertaste. Stevia products that are a direct liquid extract from the leaves retain  the sweetness and vitality of the plant.



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