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raw vegan Chocolate Covered butterfly pea marshmallow

raw vegan marshmallow

This recipe is pretty amazing. Raw vegan desserts used to consist of nuts and dried fruits. Simple desserts like that are great but I also enjoy experimenting to create a new texture flavour combinations and get to know a new ingredients.

Chocolate shell creates a nice crunch , complimenting a soft centre of marshmallow. If you cannot get coconut paste you can also mix cacao butter and cacao powder instead.

Using butterfly pea flower tea is optional. Though this creates a bright purple cooer that makes this desserts look so special you can also use water, coconut water or other liquid of your choice


organic butterfly pea flower tea






200g coconut meat

1 tbs baobab

40-45g lakanto or other preferred sugar

3/4 cup butterfly pea tea (concentrated)

30ml psyllium husk

1/2 tsp flax meal

65g coconut oil, melted


chocolate shell:

cacao paste

coconut oil

stevia to taste


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