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Organic Butterfly Pea Flower

Butterfly pea flower is a potent blue tea and high in antioxidants that can act as anti-inflammatory, and promote healthy ageing.

Full Description

Butterfly pea flower or sometimes called pigeonwing has amazing bright blue colour that stands out. Not only that it has an ability to change its blue colour to pink/purple by simply adding lemon or lime.

Butterfly pea flower is native to South – East Asia and India. It has been used traditional medicine with many folk stories about this plant.


Possible Benefits

Improving your eyesight, particularly nocturnal vision and inhibiting the growth of cataract

Flushing out free radicals from the body and as a result slowing down the ageing process by maintaining elasticity of cells

Reduces stress and lift mood

Preventing wrinkle formation by improving dermal health

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol 

How To use

Product info : dried butterfly pea flower
Ideal for: making tea

Infuse butterfly pea flower in hot water for minimum of 3 minutes.

Full Ingredient List

Organic butterfly pea flower

Additional Info
Weight:40g box
Dosage:1 tsp per cup
Safety Notes:Talk to a health professional if you are unsure if this is right for you, especially if you are pregnant, breast feeding, preparing for a surgery or on medications.


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