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Di Tao Turkey tail – Wild harvested

A medicinal mushroom with an impressive range of benefits – can help boost immunity and fight various infections. 

Full Description

Turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) mushrooms are multi-coloured fungi that grow on tree trunks and fallen trees in wooded areas. They are plentiful in various parts of the world.

These mushrooms have a disc-like shape and varying colours. Their overall appearance may resemble that of a turkey’s tail.

For centuries, these mushrooms have been used as a health supplement. In traditional Chinese medicine, people use turkey tail extract as a treatment for respiratory conditions.

It is lauded as a longevity and spiritual attunement mushroom and symbolises health and longevity and infinity. It has a long history in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where it is known as Tun Zhi. This powerful mushroom is also said to strengthen the lungs, spleen, and stomach and bring a calm sense of energy to the mind.

In Japan, extract of Turkey tail is used as a support for those who are recovering from cancer.

Turkey tail contains a wide variety of phenol and flavonoid antioxidants that help promote immune system health by reducing inflammation and stimulating the release of protective compounds.


Possible Benefits
  • Contains powerful immune-boosting compounds 
  • Enhances gut health 
  • May enhance the efficacy of some cancer treatments 
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-diabetic
  • May improve athletic performance
  • May improve digestive health improvement 
How To use

Product info: extract powder of Turkey tail
Ideal for: adding to tea, smoothies, or other hot beverages

Full Ingredient List

Wild harvested fruiting body of turkey tail extract 10:1

Additional Info
Weight:80g Miron jar or 250g bag
Origin:“Di Tao” regions of China.
Dosage:1/2 tsp to 1 tsp per day
Safety Notes: Talk to a health professional if you are unsure if this is right for you, especially if you are pregnant, breast feeding or if you are on any medications.


  1. Jemma C.

    This powder has so many benefits. 100% would recommend.