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High-Himalayan Ultra Concentrated, Black Shilajit™ Paste/Resin

Offers the purest forms of plant based trace minerals, amino acids, and naturally occurring high concentrations of fulvic acid.

Full Description

Shilajit, also called mineral pitch, is the result of a long process of breaking down plant matter and minerals. It is a sticky, black, tar-like substance that comes from rocks in high mountain ranges.

Shilajit was traditionally sourced in India, the Altai Mountains and Tibet, though it is now found in many other countries.

Shilajit has been used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and its compounds appear to be beneficial for many conditions. It contains fulvic acid and more than 84 minerals, so it offers numerous health benefits. It can function as an antioxidant to improve your body's immunity and memory, an anti-inflammatory, an energy booster, and a diuretic to remove excess fluid from your body.

It is a potent and very safe dietary supplement, restoring the energetic balance and has the potential to prevent several diseases. Recent research points to an interesting medical application toward the control of cognitive disorders associated with aging, and cognitive stimulation.


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Possible Benefits
  • Improves physical and mental performance
  • May increase male fertility and sexual libido for men and women
  • Assist detoxification
  • Can help stop the signs of ageing
  • Can help with anaemia
  • Helps with brain function
  • Can help with chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Can help with obesity
  • Great for heart health
How To use

Product info: powder or resin extract of Shilajit
Ideal for: adding to tea, smoothies, or other hot beverages

Full Ingredient List

Low-Heat, Solvent-Free Extracted Shilajit

Additional Info
Weight:1oz/30g resin
Origin:High-altitude region above 8000 feet in the Himalayan Mountains
Dosage:1/4 tsp per day
Safety Notes: Talk to a health professional if you are unsure if this is right for you, especially if you are pregnant, breast feeding, on any medications.


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