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new to Australia. we now have Pili nuts plus a recipe

I have been hearing about this pili nuts around the time ketogenic diet came to the health scene. Because pili nuts contain the lowest amount of carbohydrates and highest amount of fats compared to any other nuts in the world.



It has the creamiest texture and absolutely delicious, versatile in the use in salad, smoothies, pesto, desserts and any other places you use other nuts for. 

It also has great amount of vitamin E, manganese, magnesium as well as all 8 essential amino acid profile.

I am so excited to bring the to Australia not only because of its deliciousness and nutrient contents but because how our pili nuts are produced.

Our Pili nuts grow at the foot of majestic volcanoes in the rainforests of he Philippines. Ou supplier work with a community of independent farers who have the skills to climb these ancient trees and carefully hand collect, crack each shells. They are presoaked and dehydrated at the low temperature to keep them raw, improving digestibility and nutrient bioavailability.

I am excited to be using them at the cafe and creating some recipes for you.

Get yours here 

This is the first thing I made….. ” Pili Nut yoghurt”


1 1/4 cup water

2 cups pili nuts

2 capsule probiotic powder

Blend until creamy and ferment till it becomes a little airy and sour. (for me it took 20 hours on a spring day) see the picture below

once its ready add splash of lemon juice and whatever else you’d like

I added a big spoonful of spirulina, tiny bit of  monk fruit  and served with berries 🙂



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