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new podcast coming up

I love podcasts.

Because I spend at least an hour riding my bicycle to work I constantly have earphones listening to all sorts of podcasts. It is a great way to collect information and I hope I can provide some information to you this way also.

As you know I am passionate about different herbs and superfoods and other longevity supplements and tools. This is going to be a great platform to share the knowledges that I accumulated all these years. Hopefully this will help you decide what could help you upgrade your diet as well.

I have already started interviewing some interesting people in this wellness food community. The conversation with them have inspired me so much already and I can’t wait to share them with you.

So here it is


The first episode is up here

I would love it if you have a listen and share your feedback with me. The best place to reach me would be instagram @inoue.yoko or @shokuiku. if you don’t have an instagram you can also reach out to me via let me know if there is any subjects you want me to go over.

Please do subscribe if you are a podcast lover like me and rate and review which will help me keep going sharing what I know in this way.

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