Reishi Spores powder

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Reishi Spores – Cell Wall Cracked

Full Description

Reishi spores are the seed or Reishi mushrooms.  Toward the end of its lifecycle, the reishi mushroom releases its spores and they are carefully collected. Reishi spores are rich in amino acids, triterpenes, beta-glucans, and polysaccharides.

Our Reishi spores are cracked cell so it is more bio-available and our body can access their nutrients. Reishi is traditionally known as a Shen tonic. As the seed of reishi, spores can act as both Shen and Jing tonic, to promote longevity as well as to help build wisdom.

Possible Benefits:

  •  Anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, anti-diabetes, and anti-cancer,
  • Improves Chagas disease without major toxicity
  • Reishi has immunity-modulating properties.



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