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#16 podcast – Gynostemma (Jiogulan)

Gynostemma and reishi are my two top herbs. Reishi has been getting much attention but gynostemma is not widely known yet. 

It may be because it is not one of the traditional chinese herbs but it is more of a folk herb. It was only discovered in early 1970s when Japanese researchers found them growing on Southern China when they were looking for sugar substitute. 

Gynostemma pentaphyllum, makino in japanese or jiogulan in Chinese has a compound similar to one of the most famous adaptogens, ginseng. Ginseng has an average of 36 saponins, which are the beneicial compounds. Gynostemma contains over 80 different saponins. 

In this episode we cover

The benefits and studies

Active compounds of gynostemma

The type of gynostemma we have chosen

How to use this tea

You can get our gynostemma here and Alchemy Blend, Modern Day Support, here

The link to the information night that I mentioned in the podcast is here  and happening on 14th March


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