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Is your computer affecting your sleep? what are the signs you are not getting enough sleep?

computer and sleepWe all know how important sleep is. Generally it is recommended to have 7- 9 hours every night to efficiently rejuvenate our body. Stress, many chronic diseases, brain functions and weight managements have been linked to our basic need.

 6  SIGNS of sleep deprivation 

– you need an alarm clock to wake up

– Not have an ability to make minor decisions

– Irritability

– low immunity

– Inability to concentrate and remember things

– become clumsy


There are many things that can affect the quality and quantity of sleep.

– diet (deficiency in certain nutrients)

(imbalance of macronutrients – carbohydrate, protein and fat ratio)

– activity (physical and mental)

Another reason that I wanted to focus on today is this


There are a few studies done to prove melatonin level and artificial light from computer monitors but the main one is conducted by Lighting Research Centre in New York. It demonstrated that nighttime light exposure can suppress the production of melatonin, hormones that control sleep and wake cycles. Not only that melatonin can affect body temperature, blood pressure, insulin levels and much more are influenced. Production of melatonin should be increased towards our normal bed time but exposure to lights can suppress the melatonin production.

Even room light before bedtime can suppress mealtonin but blue light is the most effective in melatonin suppression. Blue lights come from all of your computer screens including iPad and phones.

Practical way to block these blue lights

– Switch off at least 1 hour before going to bed (best option but not always possible!)

– f.lux ( a program that can make the colour of your computer screen adapt to the time of day. )

– use amber lensed googles (which block out blue lights) after the sun sets.

Do you have a bed time routine that you use to make sure you get a good night sleep?

I tend to do all my computer work at night (it looks like the only time I have!). Maybe it is time to make a switch myself…



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