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Love Nori Rolls? You Can Finally Get Safe And Raw Nori Sheets! Raw Recipe Included

I am sea vegetable obsessed. growing up in Japan sea vegetables are huge part of my diet. We could get an access to many varieties such as hijiki, mekabu, kombu,  tororo kombu, wakame and of course nori.

Nori probably is the most popular seaweed in western countries. They are tasty, handy and not too strong in flavours. Like any other seaweed they are very high in nutrition.

Protein – 100g of nori can contain up to 30- 50 grams protein

Fibre – 33 percent dietary fibre

Mineral and vitamin content – high in Iodine, iron, calcium, mineral and magnesium. it also contains vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate as well as phosphorous, potassium, zinc and Vitamin C, E and K.

Unfortunately our ocean is not as safe as it used to. Even though I still think it is beneficial to eat seaweed as they are amazingly beneficial if you can source them from safer environment it is so much better.

I have been getting these nori sheets for a while now and LOVE them. I go through them so fast that I personally welcome a big pack of 50 sheets. If you are like me who loves nori and have been looking for organic and raw nori you can now purchase them here with us

a little bonus!

Here is a recipe from my recipe collection “recipes for beauty” which is also available from our shop
raw sushi recipe

cauliflower sushi with Tahini and tamari sauce
cauliflower sushi with Tahini and tamari sauce

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