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How to tell if you are getting good quality matcha

Matcha powder comes form the green tea plant called the Camilia Sinsnus. With Matcha you are consuming the whole plant, so it is important to choose the best quality for safety, flavour and the mouthfeel.


The first thing you will notice is its colour. The colour can say a lot about its freshness. What you do have to be mindful is that when you get fully certified organic matcha powder it may not look as vibrant as a high grade ceremonial matha powder that is not organic. It is usually due to the extra fertiliser that is given to the non-organic variety while the tea leaves are shade grown.


Matcha does have a bitter taste but the quality matcha is balanced with sweetness and umami taste that is also very smooth. It is important to be brewing in a proper manner as improper brewing can create bitterness


The matcha particle should be around 5 microns in size. It is similar to baby powder or eye shadow. It should be soluable in cold and warm water. Low quality matha tends to be more course nad gritty.


Not only that Japan is credieted to the dsicovery and development of matcha, it has a strict farming standard and regulations to keep the intergrity and culture of the plant. Look for matcha that is grown in Uji, Kyoto. Other popular regions are Mie, Saitama, Shizuoka, Nara, Kagoshima, Nishio and Saitama.

our matcha is produced by a family business in Uji, Kyoto founded in 1751, Edo period over 20 generations.

This ceremonial grade certified Organic matcha is handpicked and freshly grounded to order with a traditional stone milling processing to preserve freshness and flavour.

Certified Organic Uji Matcha

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