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Yin and Yang Quality


The concept of Yin and Yang has been applied to everyday lives in many Eastern history. The term Yin and Yang are not pronouns of certain things. They are showing relative tendencies when two things are compared. In everything and everywhere, as a whole or as a part of, every manifestation can be understood and experienced as more yin or more yang.

Yin has a tendency to expand, while yang is more contracted. in dimention yin is more spatial, while yang is more temporal. Yin is more outward and yang being more inward. In direction yin is more ascending, while yang is more decending. Yin is more purple, blue and green, while yang is more yellow, orange and red. Yin is colder and yang is warmer. In weight yin is lighter and yang is heavier. Yin is more watery and yang is drier and hotter.

Even atomic structure can be classifed into two tendencies. Electrons and other peripheral particles are more yin, while protons and central particles are more yang. In elements oxgen, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and others are more yin, while hydrogen, carbon, sodium, arsenic and others are more yang. Yin is darker and yang is brighter. in vibration yin has higher and shorter frequency waves compared to yang having longer waves and lower frequencies.

psychology, metal and spirituality are more yin and physicality, material and social are more yang. Yin is more gentle, passive and receptive, while yang is more aggresive, active and outgoing. Vegetable kingdom is more yin and animal kingdom is more yang. Yin manifests as branches, leaves, flowers and plants that are taller, juicier and grow in tropical regions, while yang manifests as roots and stems and plants that are shorter, drier and more colder in origin. Yin is feminine and yang is more masculine. In body structures softer and more expansive organs such as the stomach, intestines, and bladder are more yin, while harder nad more compacted organs such as the liver, spleem, and the kidneys are more yang. In the nervous system peripheral nerves and the orthosympathetic systems are more yin, while central nerves and the the parasympathetic system are more yang. In taste spicy, sour and strongly sweet are more yin, while salty and bitter tastes are more yang. In season more expansive summer creates yin quality and winter creates more contractive influence.

This can go on and on as we can compare these two forces in everything on this planet. The propotion of yin and yang are always and continually in flux and constantly changing into one another. Summer changes into winter, young changes into older, contracted energy produces heat and expansion arises.

This theory can be useful so that we can apply this to our personal life and wellness, creating more peaceful and balanced living.

When it comes to food choices you can also use this theory to balance your inner state. When you are feeling stressed and contracted (Yang state) you may crave something that is expansive (sweet food, alcohol). But these extreme food groups can bring imbalance to your body even further.
When someone has a tendency to be more aggressive in nature, they may balance out with foods that are more yin.

What I love about this philosophy is that there is no “good’ or “bad” on this planet. Proportion of yin and yang is constantly changing to keep harmony in this universe and in ourselves. To know that we are these forces, as part and as a whole make me apprecialte and be more content with the wonders that are happening constantly.

The seven principle of the infinite universe

  • Everything is a differentiation of one infinity
  • Everything changes
  • All antagonisms are complementary
  • There is nothing identical
  • What has a front has a back
  • The bigger the front, the bigger the back
  • What has a beggining has an end

The twelve laws of change of the infinite universe

  • One infinity manifests itself into complementary and antagonistic tendencies, yin and yang in its endless change
  • Yin and yang are manifested continuously from the eternal movement of one infinite universe
  • Yin represents centrifugality. Yang represents centripetality. Yin and Yang together produce energy and all phenomena
  • Yin attracts yang. Yang attracts yin.
  • Yin repels yang. Yang repels yin.
  • Yin and yang combined in varying propotions produce different phenomena. The attraction and repulsion among phenomena is propotional to the difference of the yin and ynag forces
  • All phenomena are ephemeral, constantly changing their constitution of yin and yang forces: Yin changes into yang. Yang changes into Yin.
  • Nothing is solely yin or soley yang. everything is composed of both tendencies in varying degrees.
  • There is nothing neutral. Either yin or yang is in excess in every occurrence.
  • Large yin attracts small yin. Large yang attracts small yang.
  • Extreme yin produces yang, and extreme yang produces yin.
  • All physical manifestations are yang at the centre, and yin at the surface

(reference: Kushi Michio)


Note that my background is macrobiotic philosophy and it sees expansive energy as Yin and contractive energy as Yang. In Chinese theory It states the opposite.

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