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How to make Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. It has been used from aiding digestion, balancing PH, to normalising blood sugar levels.

Many apple cider vinegar found in the supermarket is pasteurised and high filtered and these version of apple cider vinegar is not optimal for health promoting uses.  What we are looking for is ones that are with the “mother”

It is quite simple to make your own. In this video I used whole apple, usually it is made with scraps of apple including skin and cores. Make sure that al the equipments are absolutely clean.

  • clean jar
  • apple scraps (organic)
  • filtered water
  • cane sugar (optional)

In most of the recipes cane sugar is added to the initial solution to feed the bacteria and get the solution started. Fruit flies and other insects love vinegars so make sure that it is covered. White scum on top is normal. However mold is not healthy. Make sure that the scraps of apples are submerged under the water to prevent mold the whole time.

  1. clean the jar
  2. fill the jar 3/4 full of apple srcaps
  3. add water to cover the apples
  4. weigh down the apples with a weight. make sure that the apples are submerged under the water
  5. Cover with the cheesecloth or lid loosely closed. leave it out in a dark place at room temperature for 3 weeks
  6. strain the apples and return the liquid into the jar
  7. leave it out in a dark place at room temperature for another 3 weeks. Make sure no mold is growing.
  8. when it reaches the desired tartness it is ready


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