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#8 podcast – water fasting

I have recently completed 5 day water fast and shared the updates each day on instagram @inoue.yoko There were many people curious about water fast so I decided to do an episode on this.

Please note that fasting is not for everyone. If you are underweight, have some sort of eating disorder, pregnant or breastfeeding I wouldn’t recommend doing a fasting, especially a prolonged fasting.  If you have any health conditions or on medication please consult your professional practitioner.

the studies done by Valter Longo was one of my motivation for this fast. His website is

in this episode I went through


energy level


and answer the questions I received including

the type of water I was drinking

(hydrogen water maker

how much water to drink

chronics and enema during a water fast

weight loss

how to break a fast

(reishi cordyceps medicinal mushroom blend)

(how to make your own miso)



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