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#9 podcast – reishi mushroom

In this episode I am talking about a herb that will definately go into my top 3. Reishi, also known as ganoderma or Ling zhi. 

In Shen Nong ben cao Jing, one of the oldest classic materia medica, written between 200 and 250 CE herbs are catogorised into 3 classes. superior , middle and inferior class. 

The first 6 herbs listed in the seperior class section are six different colours of reishi – green, red, yellow, white , black which are related to 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) The 6th reishi which is purple and is quite rare to find. This can be used to open the heart and could be categorised under the fire element. Anyway this alone indicates how reishi is thought to be the most precious herbs of all.

It is often called the queen of mushroom, elixier of immortality and used in Asia for at least two thousands years.

In this episode I go through 

  • the benefits of taking reishi and scientific research around this area
  • main constituents in reishi
  • how reishi affects our shen
  • what you need to look for in products
  • the best methods to grow reishi
  • why we promote dual extraction 
  • how to use reishi 

some scientific researches that you may be interested in

Are you ready to take some reishi into your life? We have done all the research to bring you the reishi that check all the boxes

  • dual extracted
  • semi-wild
  • fruiting body
  • grown on duanwood logs
  • grown in a high altitude with clean mountain water and away from factories and other pollutants
  • ganoderma lucidum
ganoderma lucidum – ling zhi mushroom.

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